Monday, March 20, 2017

Dentists, Braces and Retainers

A couple weeks ago Palmer and Brody had their check up with the dentist.  The dentist discovered that one of Brody's permanent teeth was very loose.  He was very concerned and made an emergency appointment with a specialist right after our appointment.  I had all five kids with me, thinking it wouldn't be a big deal to take them to the quick check up appointment.  The follow up was made immediately after, so all of us went on to the next appointment, including a very hungry, cranky baby and the twins who were supposed to be going on to preschool.  I had to rearrange the carpool I was supposed to fulfill, and for some reason neither dentist office had warm water to make a bottle.  Needless to say, it was a crazy morning.  The second dentist was not quite as alarmed as the first, but did say Brody would need to get braces as soon as possible.  He has a very exaggerated cross bite, which was pushing on one of his lower front teeth, making it loose and unable to graft to the bone.

A few days later we met with an orthodontist.  Thankfully, he said we could correct the loose tooth with just a retainer.  It's a combination of three types of retainers, so it's quite a mouthful, and makes it difficult for Brody to talk, but still better than the pain and discomfort of braces on a seven year old.  He needs to wear it day and night, all the time unless eating for a few months.  He was able to pick the design and chose a rainbow colored retainer.  He is doing really well with wearing it.  Brody has some sensory processing issues. so I was worried about how he would handle the retainer.  He doesn't like it, but is dealing and getting used to it.

I know retainers are seen as nerdy, but I think he looks cute!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Seven Month Old Violet

Violet is seven months old.  I can hardly believe how quickly she is growing up.  She is such a happy girl and is so fun to have around.  She really loves Greg, myself and the kids, not so much anyone else.  She often cries when others even look at her. Although, I have noticed that her stranger danger anxiety isn't really present around children, which is interesting.  There is always some child playing around her or with her when I work in the daycare and she seems to enjoy them.  I just discovered her third tooth popped through yesterday.  She's been putting those few teeth to good use, eating everything which we eat, that she can.  She has also begun to prefer the bottle to nursing, which is just bizarre as in the past she has hated the bottle and formula!  She seems to be gaining weight well since taking to the bottle.  We've started the process of weaning her, which I'm a little sad about, but think it's for the best. This is what is going on with Violet at seven months old.

She has learned: to roll from her stomach to her back (she's had back to stomach for a while), to sit for a very short period of time and to wave

She likes: table food, her bouncer, being held, her family (she's really into Dad especially right now and will reach for him when I'm holding her sometimes), blowing raspberries, saucers, baby toys, rolling around on the floor, sitting up

She dislikes: being alone, losing her toy

Things she does that makes us smile/laugh: her very loud unfeminine laugh - sort of like a cackle, constant wiggling, how she has to sample a very small amount of her food at each meal before taking a real bite, big smiles and funny faces she makes when feeling her teeth with her tongue and lip