Friday, July 14, 2017

Eleven Month Old Violet

I struggled to get a good picture of Violet for this month's photo shoot, because the girl would not stay put or look at the camera for a moment.  She is so busy!  I finally had to ask Greg to pick her up and hold her still so I could get a picture.  Violet is on the move, exploring the world nonstop.  We all have a lot of fun seeing her find joy in the little things.  Her very favorite thing this summer has been playing in water.  She loves swimming and splash pads.  She cracks up when she gets splashed; she has no fear of the water at all.  Pappy and Grandma Betty are staying with us right now.  She has taken to them so quickly!  I was surprised because she's very cautious with people she's not used to.  But from the morning they showed up, she went to them and held her arms out for them to pick her up. This is what is going on with Violet at eleven months old.

She's learned: to hold herself up

She likes: table food, self feeding, ice cream, water play, toys, remotes, phones, playing with her siblings, binkies, being held, cow's milk over formula, sippy cups, Mom, Dad and Palmer especially

She dislikes: being alone, blueberries, peas, getting her diaper changed, being confined

Things about her/she does that makes us laugh: growls, high pitched baby babble, squeals, toothy smiles and big belly laughs

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