Monday, June 26, 2017

Palisade and Manti Pageant

We went on a day trip as a family to Palisade State Park to join our friends, the Fordhams and the Smiths, who were camping there for the weekend.  The campsite/lake are just beautiful!  We played at the lake, rode canoes, played in the sand, jumped off the party deck and the kids caught little fish in nets.  Violet took a nap in my arms on the beach as I talked with friends.  It was all lovely!  We ended the visit with a yummy spaghetti dinner together at their campsite.

Then Greg, myself and the kids went on to the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti.  We experienced a small Mormon miracle ourselves and happened to find a parking spot right next to the temple grounds, only minutes before the pageant started.  The kids, especially Palmer and Brody, loved the pageant!  Greg and I both thought it was better than we had remembered and felt the spirit strongly.

It was a wonderful day in every way.  Brody thanked me for "taking them on an adventure" the next day and for a few days after.

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