Sunday, May 14, 2017

Nine Month Old Violet

 Violet is nine months old now!  She is such a joy to have; we all just adore her.  She just started crawling, cast and all.  She is pretty slow and lopsided with her left arm at a permanent 90 degree angle, but she's made it work and gets herself around.  She continues to be happy and smiley.  She giggles easily.  She loves Greg right now!  When he comes home from the day, she wants him, right then.  If he needs to do something and doesn't get right to her, she is heart broken!  She is really enjoying feeding herself table food, and is doing great gaining weight!  She was in the 5th percentile this past visit with the doctor, and is no longer diagnosed failure to thrive.  This is what is going on with Violet at nine months of age.

Stats: 15 lbs. (5%), 27.75 in. (50%), head circumference (24%)

She's learned: to crawl and to shake her head no

She likes: table food, self feeding, Daddy, baths, peek a boo, her bottle, toys, the baby jumper, going on dates with just mom and dad, playing with her siblings, jumping on the trampoline (done softly with Dad or siblings) and baths

She dislikes: being alone and baby food

Things about her/she does that makes us laugh: pats your back when you pick her up, snorts when she's excited, sticks out her tongue, squeals, baby babbles, toothy smiles and big belly laughs

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fractured Ulna

Brody was playing on the floor with Violet one night and rolled her over from her belly to her back.  Her arm got stuck behind her and she cried out loudly.  She kept crying and wouldn't move her arm, so we figured her elbow had come out of socket again.  Greg and I couldn't get it back into place, so Greg took her to instacare.  The doctor also couldn't get it back into place, so he sent her to get x-rays.  Violet came back from the scans happy and moving her arm, so we all assumed the x-ray technician popped the elbow back into place, which is exactly what had occurred the last time her elbow dislocated.  Imagine my surprise when the next day I received a call from the radiologist saying Violet had a fractured arm.  We immediately took her into instacare to get her arm in a splint and then later that week took her to Primary Children's Hospital for a cast.

She did not like the splint, and got very frustrated with it.  The cast hasn't bothered her at all.  In fact, she sometimes plays with it by banging it against things, or chews on the soft wrap underneath the hard cast.

Brody felt awful for hurting her.  He loves her so much and was crushed that he had injured her.  That night as I was trying to comfort him, he didn't even want to be hugged.  He just wanted to be alone and cry.  It broke my heart.  I've never had a child not want to be comforted before; it was a very adult reaction.  Brody was a little nervous to touch her for a couple days after the accident, but is now back to himself.  Brody and all the other kids signed her cast and drew hearts on it.

She only has to wear the cast for three weeks.  She's so small and petite, the cast draws a lot of attention and sympathy from others.  I was pretty upset about it for the first few days, and got teary eyed just about every time I looked at her.  I just hate when my kids are hurting; I don't handle it well.  I'm grateful for a level headed husband who is always ready to steps up and help out.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Palmer's Basketball Birthday Party

Palmer chose to have a basketball themed party this year.  We had 20 kids here for the party and a lot of extended family came by too.  Everyone in attendance signed a basketball for Palmer to keep as a memento.

We served pizza, vegetables and dip and cheeseballs for lunch.


We played reverse charades with basketball terms, pass the ball (played like hot potato) and red rover (I tied this one in to the theme because basketball players are traded to different teams).  Red rover was really fun, but a bit more dangerous than I had anticipated.  We had to eventually end the game because I was afraid someone was going to break an arm, or get whiplash!

We sang happy birthday and enjoyed some cupcakes with chocolate basketballs on them.  Palmer requested carrot cake, but I figured that wouldn't go over too well with all the kids, so I made vanilla cake as well.

Palmer was spoiled with presents.  Some of his favorites were: a fidget spinner, fighting robots, Snap Circuits, a kids cookbook, a remote control car, and of course money.  We are taking him to see Dan TDM Live in August for his gift.  He is a big fan of Dan and had been watching intently to see if he was coming to Salt Lake on tour.  He announced his tour dates, and Salt Lake was not on the list.  Greg and I thought we were off the hook, haha!  Then he added a few shows, Salt Lake included and Palmer was jumping off the walls, he was so exited about it.

Thanks family and friends who came to celebrate Palmer's 9th birthday with us!  The party was a great success and the birthday boy had a wonderful time!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Palmer at Nine Years Old

Palmer chose to go to Texas Roadhouse this year for his birthday dinner with family.  He said he wanted to be smart about his decision and "not chose a place he can go to all the time, like McDonalds."  He is my kid through and through; he likes to mull over decisions, weighing the good and bad, figuring out which choice is most logical.  Palmer is looking a lot older lately.  Less like a little boy, more like a preteen.   He is a great brother, especially to Violet.  He is friendly and social, enthusiastic, smart and hard working.  He has a natural desire to follow the gospel principals and choose the right.  Greg and I often joke (although there is surely truth to that joking) that Palmer's example and promptings push us to be more diligent in the practice of our religion.  Here are some of Palmer's favorites as he enters his ninth year of life.

What is your favorite color?  - Pink
What is your favorite food?  - Spanish Rice
Where is your favorite place to go? - Las Vegas 

What is your favorite T.V. show?  - Kickin' It
What is your favorite movie?  - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
What is your favorite book?  - Diary of a Wimpy Kid books
What is your favorite thing to do?  -  watch You Tube, especially Dan DTM
Who is your best friend?  - Nathan, Owen, Zoey, Macee