Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Break in St. George

We spent our Spring Break this year in sunny, warm and beautiful St. George.  With Violet in tow, we wanted a vacation that was a short drive and with low key activities.  St. George was for the win!

Our first night, we just settled in and enjoyed the hotel's indoor pool and hot tub.  The hotel also had indoor play equipment with a ball pit and an outdoor pool and park equipment that we took advantage of during our stay. 

The first day we went to Zion's National Park.  We spent the whole day there, and wished we'd scheduled even more time.  It is gorgeous!  We hike the 2 milk Riverside Walk to the opening of the Narrows.  It was a beautifully scenic and easy hike, perfect for our family of mostly small children. There were so many friendly squirrels along the trail.  Our kids loved them, except for Avonlea; she was terrified of them.  Violet especially loved the hike and happily squawked and kicked the whole time.  Everyone we came across on the trail smiled and laughed at her excitement.

On our second day we spent the morning at the St. George Temple Visitor's Center.  We watched a movie and felt the spirit, leaned about the construction of the temple and walked the grounds.  That afternoon we spent at the children's museum and nearby splash pad.

Our final day, and last stop on our way out, was at Thunder Junction All Abilities Park.  The kids declared it to me the best park they'd ever been to.  It was pretty awesome!  We played for hours and took a train ride around the park.

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Sariah Nichols said...

Looks like such a great trip! I'm glad you could get away and have some fun as a family.