Monday, January 30, 2017

Jazz Game

Greg's been able to go to several Jazz games thanks to his work connections.  He's been saying for a while that he'd love to take me and the boys to one.  I've never been to a game, and the boys hadn't either.  So for Christmas, I gave him four tickets.  They were nose bleed seats, but we didn't care.

We ate at Cupbop, one of Greg's favorite restaurants.  The boys thought the stickers in the bathroom were hilarious!  It might have been their favorite thing about the whole night actually.

After a quick dinner we took the train to the arena.  Riding Trax is always a great time for the kids!

We had nosebleed seats, but we didn't care.  The Jazz played the Memphis Grizzles.  It was a bit of a heartbreak to watch.  The Grizzles seemed to make about every basket they shot for, the Jazz not so much.  Our team trailed behind 6-11 points most of the game, and eventually lost.  However, we all still had a great time!  We cheered emphatically, shared some kettle corn and bought the boys a jersey each.

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