Friday, January 20, 2017

Five Month Photo Shoot

Violet has a lot of stranger danger anxiety.  And photographers seem to be the most scary to her!  She never smiles at our photo shoots, and often cries.  Greg took her to this session because I had a lot going on during the day.  I warned him that she wouldn't smile, and not to worry about getting a picture with a smile.  Of course, she did great and smiled a ton!  Silly girl.  My kids always like to prove me wrong!  We also were able to get a shot of her making a funny expression she makes lately with her lips pursed tightly together, and slight frown on the ends of her mouth, which reveals a couple dimples on her lower cheek. I don't know how long she'll keep doing this quirky expression, so I'm glad we were able to capture it.

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Sariah Nichols said...

I love these pics!! Especially the side shot- the lighting is so beautiful on her sweet profile. <3 <3 <3