Monday, January 30, 2017

Jazz Game

Greg's been able to go to several Jazz games thanks to his work connections.  He's been saying for a while that he'd love to take me and the boys to one.  I've never been to a game, and the boys hadn't either.  So for Christmas, I gave him four tickets.  They were nose bleed seats, but we didn't care.

We ate at Cupbop, one of Greg's favorite restaurants.  The boys thought the stickers in the bathroom were hilarious!  It might have been their favorite thing about the whole night actually.

After a quick dinner we took the train to the arena.  Riding Trax is always a great time for the kids!

We had nosebleed seats, but we didn't care.  The Jazz played the Memphis Grizzles.  It was a bit of a heartbreak to watch.  The Grizzles seemed to make about every basket they shot for, the Jazz not so much.  Our team trailed behind 6-11 points most of the game, and eventually lost.  However, we all still had a great time!  We cheered emphatically, shared some kettle corn and bought the boys a jersey each.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Five Month Photo Shoot

Violet has a lot of stranger danger anxiety.  And photographers seem to be the most scary to her!  She never smiles at our photo shoots, and often cries.  Greg took her to this session because I had a lot going on during the day.  I warned him that she wouldn't smile, and not to worry about getting a picture with a smile.  Of course, she did great and smiled a ton!  Silly girl.  My kids always like to prove me wrong!  We also were able to get a shot of her making a funny expression she makes lately with her lips pursed tightly together, and slight frown on the ends of her mouth, which reveals a couple dimples on her lower cheek. I don't know how long she'll keep doing this quirky expression, so I'm glad we were able to capture it.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Five Month Old Violet

Violet continues to become more content every month.  It has gotten to the point that this once fussy baby is now a very happy baby.  She is smiley, giggly and generally good natured 99% of the time.  It's great!  She is still treated like a celebrity at the house.  All the children are thoroughly enthralled by her.  They love her so much, as do Greg and I.  She brings a lot of joy to our lives.  I'll be sad to see my last baby grow up and no longer be a baby, so I'm trying to soak in as much as I can of this stage!  She is still struggling to gain much weight.  She is a very distracted eater.  Often I have to nurse her in a quiet, dim light room, just the two of us, to have a successful feeding.  She sleeps through the night a couple times a week.  I'm very ready for that behavior to become regular!  This is what is going on with Violet at five months of age.

She has learned: to sleep through the night, to roll over, to transfer items between her hands

She likes: baby food and cereal (especially squash, pears and oatmeal), her bouncer, being held, Mom best closely followed by Dad, her siblings (they make her laugh most often and more emphatically than anyone else), baby toys, baths, chewing on her fingers, Baby Einstein and Elmo

She dislikes: being alone, being confined, the bottle, peas

Things she does that makes us smile/laugh: constant wiggling, plays with her feet, bites her lower lip, baby talk (she says "bub and poop" a lot), big smiles and laughs

Monday, January 9, 2017

New Years at Bear Lake

We spent New Years (Friday-Sunday) at Grandma Nancy's home in Bear Lake, celebrating the holidays with the Hess side of the family.  We ate well, exchanged gifts, played games and attended church through out the weekend.  We also had the chance to go snowmobiling!  It was the kids' and my first time on a snowmobile, and we loved it!  I can't wait to go again!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Twelve Years Later...

Twelve years ago today I married this stud! Five children, three homes, 16 different jobs (10 for Greg, 6 for me), two family vacations, one couple's vacation, many church callings, regular weekly date nights and countless joyous, silly, and even heartbreaking moments, I still find myself head over heels for him. Love you Greg! I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful man as my husband and father to our children!