Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Sunday

I loved starting Christmas Day this year by attending our church meetings.  We barely make it to our 9:00 am sacrament meeting as it is, so we knew we'd have to wait until after church to start opening any presents.  Auntie Rie joined us at church and on through the morning. The sacrament meeting was sweet, tender and simple with a lot of music and was focused on Christ.  It was wonderful; the spirit was strong!

Santa was very good to us this year!  Our stocking were filled and the bottom of our tree was full of beautifully wrapped gifts.  The kids opened all their presents first and then us adults opened ours while the kids played.  Greg and I bought all the kids their own Amazon Fire tablet.  Other noteworthy gifts this year include: a drone for Palmer, a Zoomer Kitty for Brody, a Barbie house for Avonlea and a Paw Patroller for Archer.  Greg got Jazz tickets, The Nest thermostat and other small gifts, and he gave me a the Willow Tree nativity (My Mom gave me the set just before we moved in with her.  We put it up in the attic knowing that we'd be storing a lot of things there soon and never found it again.  I've always been really sad about losing it), a gift card for pedicures and some other small gifts. We gave Sariah her a few small presents: books, shoes, movies, etc.  She spoiled us and gave us a ton of gift cards for dates (yay!), slippers, a purse and perfume.

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