Monday, October 3, 2016

Phone Pictures

 Palmer and Brody know how to baby Violet.  They are so sweet with her!  They always want to be near her and they never get annoyed with her crying.

 A cute little smile from a cute little babe

 Grandma Betty found a bunch of nice stuffed animals at the D.I. and decided to make a homemade claw machine game for the kids during Sunday dinner.

 Avonlea loves to love on (smother) Violet.

 Gotta love baby yawns.

 Brody has been asking for an apple pie for months.  When the planned FHE treat was mysteriously missing from the freezer, I impulsively decided to whip this up during my busiest time of the day.   It caused a lot of stress amongst homework help, dinner prep, an hungry baby, and visitors.  I just about lost it that afternoon, but when it came out of the oven smelling oh so delicious, the kids were so excited, and I almost forgot how much drama it caused... almost.

General Conference Priesthood Session = pizza, pajamas, and 72 hour kits with the Ashbys

 Violet's cute chubby cheeks

an awesome park we visited to get out the wiggles between General Conference sessions

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