Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fall Soccer

The kids finished their season of fall soccer.  We celebrated the final game with lunch at Costa Vida.  This soccer season was a busy one for us with two different teams, who had practice on different nights, school starting and a new baby in the mix!  Although we all enjoyed the games, I think we were all happy when it came to an end so we'd not be stretched so thin.  The boys team was the Soccer Bombs.  They had many friends on the team they knew from the fitness center, and my boss was their coach.  They didn't win a single game, but did really hustle their last game and came out with a tie.  The twins played on a team, The Snakes, with a really good player (their coaches daughter) and thanks to her, they won every game... by a lot.  None of the kids made a goal this year, but it wasn't from lack of effort.  They assisted many goals, and were right with the ball most of the time.  The older boys played some great defense.  Palmer took a ball to the face one game that nearly knocked him over, but prevented a winning goal for the other team.  Brody also sacrificed his body during a game, hurting his knee, but keeping the other team from scoring a goal.  Both defensive moves lead to the two games that ended in a tie, instead of a loss for their team.

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