Monday, October 10, 2016

Brody's Minecraft Birthday Party

Brody chose to have a Minecraft themed party for his seventh birthday.  We had 20 kids in attendance!  I made a creeper cake, as he requested.  It totally and utterly fell apart as I was icing it.  I was pretty frustrated!  Brody kindly assured me that it was great with the sides falling apart, because it looked like a grass block from the game.  I don't know if he really thought that or if he was just being nice, but he was happy, so I decided to be happy about it as well.  For the party we played two games: pass the Enderman (like hot potato) set to Minecraft parody songs, and pin the tail on the Minecraft pig with a cardboard Steve head used as a mask.  We all sang to the birthday boy, and enjoyed cake.  Then Brody opened his gifts.  He had asked for a drone and we happily obliged.  All the kids got to take home some TNT party poppers as a favor.  The party was loud and slightly wild, so in a seven year old boys' opinion, just perfect!




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