Friday, October 7, 2016

Brody at Seven Years Old

Brody chose to go to Taco Bell and Menchies (as evidenced by his taco and frozen yogurt stained mouth here) for his birthday dinner with family.  Brody has grown a lot this year, in confidence, academically, and physically.  He is a big kid!  I think he is the tallest in his grade.  He still likes to do things at a slower pace than the rest of our family, but we have learned that to be patient and enjoy the journey with him.  Most of the time, he is taking his time because he is cautious and is choosing carefully.  For sure, it would do me good to slow down a bit and be more mindful of my words and actions.  Brody is well liked by a lot of kids and has many friends, but he is also happy to do things on his own.  He is a sweet boy who is a lot of fun to be around.  He has been a great big brother to baby Violet and is very gentle and caring with her.  Here are some of Brody's favorites as he turns seven years old.

 What is your favorite color?  - Teal
What is your favorite food?  - Tacos
Where is your favorite place to go? - Legoland
What is your favorite TV show?  - Teen Titans Go!
What is your favorite movie?  - Star Wars
What is your favorite book?  - Captain Underpants
What is your favorite thing to do?  - Watch You Tube
Who is your best friend?  - Corbin and my family

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