Friday, September 16, 2016

Violet's Blessing

Greg blessed Violet in sacrament meeting on September 4.  We had a lot of family and friends come to witness the blessing: Pappy and Grandma Betty, Grandpa Randall and Grandma Nancy, Aunt London and kids, Aunt Rie, Aunt Andrea and kids, Aunt Emily and Uncle Aaron, the Ashbys, the Nelsons, the Stewarts, the Jennes, the Crowfords, the Christiansons and the Edwards.

Violet was given her name and blessed to grow healthy and strong, to choose the right, to marry in the temple and to be an example of faith to others.  Greg and I both bore our testimonies during the meeting.  Greg bore his testimony of the Priesthood and how it helps fathers bond with their children and I bore my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and how our children are wonderful examples of being excited about gospel principals, and that the gospel excites me as well.

Afterward we had everyone over to the house for a brunch.  We had a yogurt parfait bar, oven omelets, cranberry orange muffins, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, juice and milk.  It was a perfectly lovely day.

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Sariah Nichols said...

Such a beautiful day! Little Violet is a perfect addition to your amazing family. Thanks for letting me be apart of so many milestones and memories.