Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome Violet Lee Hess

Violet Lee Hess was born via c-section August 14 at 7:06 pm.  She weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 inches long.  We all adore her!

The surgery went well.  I was scheduled for the surgery, however my water broke as I was sitting on the table in the operating room getting ready for my spinal block.  We joke that Violet is very punctual.  She also wakes from her naps ready to eat right on schedule, so that joke may have some truth to it.

We had a lot of visitors at the hospital.  The first night Grandma Nancy came with our other children, as well as Grandma Betty and Aunt London and Aunt Rie.  The next day my Dad, Aunt Emily, Aunt London with Trevor and Davis, Aunt Emily and Sariah came for a visit.

Violet has had a bit of a rough start.  My milk took four days to come in; the poor girl was starving!  We supplemented with formula on the third day, but she had already lost a good amount of weight by then.  Then I was put on an antibiotic that gave her horrible nonstop diarrhea, which caused her to lose even more weight.  I quit taking the antibiotic once I realized the side effect it was having on Violet, but two weeks later, she is still struggling to get back to her birth weight.

Violet loves to be held!  Which so far, that desire has usually been able to be fulfilled by some family member.  However, as we are getting more back into day to day life, and I find myself very busy taking care of five kids mostly on my own, she's going to have to learn to self soothe a bit.

The kids have adjusted wonderfully to their newest sibling.  They all adore her and are excited to be with her.  The older boys especially are enthralled with her.  It's been a fun journey being pregnant with older children who really understand what is going on and not only look forward to her arrival, but enjoy helping take care of her.  We all feel very happy and blessed to have Violet in our lives!

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Sariah Nichols said...

These are such great pictures. I love the one with you and Violet, so beautiful.
She is such a treasure.