Friday, July 29, 2016

Mom and Dad Dates

It had been a while since we did one on one dates with the kids.  Greg and I decided to take out the older boys in June.  The twins really wanted to be included and have a date with Mom and Dad as well, so we arranged dates for them in July.  Each time we do these one on one dates it's always such a great experience!  The kids really blossom with the individual attention.  Having a big family, that's not something that always comes organically, so I'm glad we have made dates with the children a tradition and I look forward to continuing these dates.

 I took Brody out to Leatherbys for dinner and ice cream.  He chose to order a cherry Italian soda float.  He talked non-stop throughout the evening, mostly about Minecraft. 

 Greg took Palmer out for Pho.  The kid loves Ramen noodles, and Greg has wanted to introduce him to the real thing for a while.  Greg had "the talk" with Palmer on this date.  We discussed earlier that we would do so when the kids turn eight.  Greg said it went really well.

 Greg took Archer out for a round of glow in the dark miniature golf and arcade games.  He had a lot of fun chasing after the golf balls and redeeming his tickets for prizes.

 I took Avonlea out to get her nails painted.  She was thrilled when she found a Hello Kitty nail polish.  She picked to have her nails painted pink with pink glitter and little flowers.

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