Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Days - June

We've had a great summer vacation so far!  Some activities we did this month include: lunch at the park, bowling, library visits, seeing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at The Empress Theater, West Fest, a couple barbecues with friends, Jump Around Utah, and Palmer went to Cub Scout Day Camp for two days.  I also enrolled all the kids in two sessions of swim lessons.  Palmer and Brody both learned how to swim (not amazingly yet, but they can keep themselves afloat) this summer.  And the twins have become much more comfortable in the water.  Here's a few pictures from taken during our first month of summer vacation 2016.

I gave all the boys buzz cuts.

 Swim lessons: Palmer and Brody both started the lessons in the Seahorse level and finished in the Blowfish level.  Archer and Avonlea started in the Jellyfish level and finished in the Starfish level.

 Tiring themselves out at Jump Around Utah.

 Riding the rides at West Fest.  We also went to see fireworks on the last night.

 Palmer on his way to Cub Scout Camp.

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