Monday, May 30, 2016

Twin Play and Twin Talk

Archer and Avonlea make having twins more fun than work.  They are very charming and cute.  I love watching them play make believe together.  They play house and take turns being the baby.  They play cousins and take turns knocking on the door and coming in to play.  And the other day I snapped this picture of them playing hairstylist.

They also are at that age where at least daily they say something that cracks me up.  Here are some silly things they've said lately.

Around St. Patricks Day, "Is leprechaun food?"  When Greg replied no, Archer exclaimed, "What?!  You don't eat it?"

He rates how much he loves you.  We realized he does this because we always say, "I love you too," which he understood as "I love you two."  He usually says, "I love you six."  Only mom and dad get more than a six, unless he's upset with us, then he says, "I love you one."

At dinner our family shares highs (best part of your day) and lows (worst part of your day).  Archer's low is always, "I fell in a hole and died."

While in line at Costco among many other shoppers he asked me, "Is the baby here? (touches my stomach) Or here? (touches my chest)"

"Does the baby come out your mouth?"

While pointing to his nipples, "I have little elbows."

And anytime he sees a yellow car he exclaims excitedly, "A taxi!"

At night after a big yawn instead of saying I'm so pooped, she said "I'm so poopy."

When she saw my white bathrobe, "It's the Holy Ghost!"

"Mom, I want to pet your baby," meaning I want to rub your belly.

Just about everyday she tickles my pregnant belly and says, "She's laughing."

She also rates how much she loves you, but is always sure to up what Archer says and usually goes as high as, "I love you twelve."

"My favorite superhero is watermelon (Wonder Woman)."

After bathtime she looked at Archer and said, "Our pee pees are different."  He responded, "Yours is called a butt and mine is called a bum."  She examined him again and exclaimed, "Ew, gross!  It's so weird!"

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