Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Recent Phone Pictures

Palmer became a Cub Scout and he is loving every moment of it!

I was over the dessert bar for Teacher Appreciation.

The twins' first ride on a big kid bike.

As I was leaving for an early church meeting, I spotted my family all sweet and cuddled up in bed.

Our new attention activity for General Conference.  The kids earn Conference Cash by being reverent during each talk and and answering questions about the talks.

The prizes for Bunco when I hosted in March.

Our babysitting co-op craft we did in March.

Palmer being the awesome brother he is, and helping his siblings while bowling.

Avonlea came out of her room and announced, "It's too hard to nap.  I'm not tired."  Then immediately fell on the couch fast asleep.

The boys got to try Waffle Luv at the school parent teacher conferences.

We decorated cupcakes for babysitting co-op.  Avonlea only ate the candy off her cupcake and returned to decorate it again.  She did so three times, never actually eating the cake.

The twins snuggling with Dad.

I found Palmer like this after church.  He told me he wants to read the whole Book of Mormon on his own this year.

Brody and Archer decided to do this while we were shopping at Walmart.  They stayed in there giggling for about 10 minutes.

We watched the Star Wars movies 6 weeks in a row for FHE in anticipation for the new movie.  After Episode #3, Avonlea put Darth Vader in a time out.

When I asked Brody to put the dishes in the sink, this is how he did so.

Thank you gifts I made for Reflections judges and for the previous Young Women leaders.

Black Friday shopping with my sisters.

Sariah and I threw a The Baby Shower Before Christmas for our Jack Skellington loving friend Ces.
Palmer made his "Turkey in Disguise" into an ice cream cone for school.

Crafting projects I made for church: a board for the Primary kids to earn toppings for an ice cream party by passing off their program songs, and FHE for a year can for Relief Society Super Saturday.

My silly goofballs at a park.

 Grizzles game, earned by the kids with the public library's summer reading program.

Back to school singing time activity; each folder had a song that corresponded to the school subject. 

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