Monday, May 30, 2016

Twin Play and Twin Talk

Archer and Avonlea make having twins more fun than work.  They are very charming and cute.  I love watching them play make believe together.  They play house and take turns being the baby.  They play cousins and take turns knocking on the door and coming in to play.  And the other day I snapped this picture of them playing hairstylist.

They also are at that age where at least daily they say something that cracks me up.  Here are some silly things they've said lately.

Around St. Patricks Day, "Is leprechaun food?"  When Greg replied no, Archer exclaimed, "What?!  You don't eat it?"

He rates how much he loves you.  We realized he does this because we always say, "I love you too," which he understood as "I love you two."  He usually says, "I love you six."  Only mom and dad get more than a six, unless he's upset with us, then he says, "I love you one."

At dinner our family shares highs (best part of your day) and lows (worst part of your day).  Archer's low is always, "I fell in a hole and died."

While in line at Costco among many other shoppers he asked me, "Is the baby here? (touches my stomach) Or here? (touches my chest)"

"Does the baby come out your mouth?"

While pointing to his nipples, "I have little elbows."

And anytime he sees a yellow car he exclaims excitedly, "A taxi!"

At night after a big yawn instead of saying I'm so pooped, she said "I'm so poopy."

When she saw my white bathrobe, "It's the Holy Ghost!"

"Mom, I want to pet your baby," meaning I want to rub your belly.

Just about everyday she tickles my pregnant belly and says, "She's laughing."

She also rates how much she loves you, but is always sure to up what Archer says and usually goes as high as, "I love you twelve."

"My favorite superhero is watermelon (Wonder Woman)."

After bathtime she looked at Archer and said, "Our pee pees are different."  He responded, "Yours is called a butt and mine is called a bum."  She examined him again and exclaimed, "Ew, gross!  It's so weird!"

Palmer's Baptism Photo Shoot

We had a friend (The Beehive Photography) do a photo shoot of Palmer for his baptism.  When we arrived at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for the session, we discovered it was closed for the day.  But our photographer found ways to work around the closed temple grounds, and the pictures turned out great!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Recent Phone Pictures

Palmer became a Cub Scout and he is loving every moment of it!

I was over the dessert bar for Teacher Appreciation.

The twins' first ride on a big kid bike.

As I was leaving for an early church meeting, I spotted my family all sweet and cuddled up in bed.

Our new attention activity for General Conference.  The kids earn Conference Cash by being reverent during each talk and and answering questions about the talks.

The prizes for Bunco when I hosted in March.

Our babysitting co-op craft we did in March.

Palmer being the awesome brother he is, and helping his siblings while bowling.

Avonlea came out of her room and announced, "It's too hard to nap.  I'm not tired."  Then immediately fell on the couch fast asleep.

The boys got to try Waffle Luv at the school parent teacher conferences.

We decorated cupcakes for babysitting co-op.  Avonlea only ate the candy off her cupcake and returned to decorate it again.  She did so three times, never actually eating the cake.

The twins snuggling with Dad.

I found Palmer like this after church.  He told me he wants to read the whole Book of Mormon on his own this year.

Brody and Archer decided to do this while we were shopping at Walmart.  They stayed in there giggling for about 10 minutes.

We watched the Star Wars movies 6 weeks in a row for FHE in anticipation for the new movie.  After Episode #3, Avonlea put Darth Vader in a time out.

When I asked Brody to put the dishes in the sink, this is how he did so.

Thank you gifts I made for Reflections judges and for the previous Young Women leaders.

Black Friday shopping with my sisters.

Sariah and I threw a The Baby Shower Before Christmas for our Jack Skellington loving friend Ces.
Palmer made his "Turkey in Disguise" into an ice cream cone for school.

Crafting projects I made for church: a board for the Primary kids to earn toppings for an ice cream party by passing off their program songs, and FHE for a year can for Relief Society Super Saturday.

My silly goofballs at a park.

 Grizzles game, earned by the kids with the public library's summer reading program.

Back to school singing time activity; each folder had a song that corresponded to the school subject. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Palmer's Baptism

Palmer was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on May 7.  It was a wonderful and lovely day!  He was so happy to be baptized!  And we had so many family and friends come to support Palmer.  Our friend Susan volunteered herself to stay with Katie (Grandma Betty's daughter who has suffered a traumatic brain injury and needs 24 hour care) so that both Pappy and Grandma Betty could attend.  We had five children turn eight in the last month in our ward alone, so we were able to have a separate session for just our ward, which was nice.

Palmer was baptized by Greg, with Pappy and Grandpa Randall serving as witnesses.  He was confirmed a member of the church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost by Greg, with Bishop Murphy, Pappy, Grandpa Randall, Great Uncle Dwayne, Uncle Aaron, and our friends Scott Crowford and Christian Edwards in the circle.  In the blessing, he was blessed to always remember his baptism day, to use the Holy Ghost to guide him in choosing the right, and to be an example to others.  He was blessed to share the gospel as a missionary and to learn to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

We had a luncheon after at our house with our family and friends.  All I had to do was supply sandwiches and cupcakes, everyone else brought sides to share.  And so many of Palmer's supporters also gave him gifts.  He even received a skateboard from some family friends, spoiled boy!  We are so grateful for Palmer and his good choice to become a member of the Christ's church.  And we are so grateful for the amazing support system we have and all those who show up and help and care for our family.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Palmer at Eight Years Old

Palmer has loved turning eight!  He is thrilled to be baptized, to be a Cub Scout and to have his big, special eighth birthday party with friends.  This boy loves attention!  He sometimes will even seek negative attention, if he isn't getting enough positive attention.  That has been a bit of a learning experience for us as parents this past year.  However, most of the time, he does get that longed for positive attention because he is a pretty awesome kid!  He is athletic, smart, kind, artistic, good natured, responsible and charismatic.  He is a spiritual and has a natural desire to choose the right.  We are very proud of him and all his abilities.  Here are some of Palmer's favorites at eight years old.

What is your favorite color?  - Blue
What is your favorite food?  - Pasta
Where is your favorite place to go? - Las Vegas

What is your favorite TV show?  - The Amazing World of Gumball
What is your favorite movie?  - Diary of a Wimpy Kid
What is your favorite book?  - Squish
What is your favorite thing to do?  - Play with friends
Who is your best friend?  - Nathan and Owen

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Palmer's 8th Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese

Palmer turns eight this month, which means a big birthday party.  After much deliberation, he decided he wanted to have the party at Chuck E. Cheese.  He was really torn between that and the trampoline park, but he reasoned that upon his next big birthday party (at age 12) he will still like the trampoline park but will probably be too old to enjoy Chuck E. Cheese... smart kid!  Plus, he was thrilled to try the ticket blaster!

We had 15 kids total for the party.  It was loud and crazy, but they all had a lot of fun!  Everyone ate pizza, played games, danced, sang happy birthday, ate cake and turned in their tickets for prizes.  The birthday boy was able to catch tickets in the ticket blaster; Palmer invited Brody to join him.  Brody was a great helper and more than doubled Palmer's tickets.