Friday, February 19, 2016

Sugar and Spice

Anyone who knows Avonlea, knows that the girl has some spunk to her.  She is very sweet and loving, but also can be very sassy.  Every emotion she has is grand and exaggerated.  Being the only girl in our family, as well as the only granddaughter on my side of the family, she had been a bit spoiled at times.  You'd think being a twin, she'd be used to sharing the spotlight.  But that hasn't really turned out to be the case.  Twins, in general, get a lot of attention.  She being the more dominant of the two of two, has thrived on that attention.  Archer usually could care less.  So much of the added attention given to our duo, eventually found it's way to her, being that she is very good at soaking it up and charming everyone.  Add that to the being the only girl and the attention she has received from that, and you are meet a very confident, strong-willed, big personalty, all crammed into a tiny three year old little body.

A couple weeks ago Avonlea was sitting with her Auntie Rie, intently watching her Aunt apply lip gloss.  Rie asked Avonlea if she wanted some.  "No," Avonlea said matter of factly, "I already have red lips.  And I'm pretty."

Yep, confidence is not something the girl lacks.  She also on many occasions has corrected me when I've mentioned she has blue eyes.  She revises my comment saying, "sparkly blue eyes."

When our Bishop asked me if I would like a boy or a girl with this pregnancy I replied, "A girl would be good.  It might help take Avonlea down a notch."  He burst out laughing, saying Greg had made a similar comment.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm glad to have a confident daughter.  I hope she is always secure with herself. She is special, and she is truly beautiful; I have no doubt of that.  I just want to make sure she is balanced with some humility as well.  And honestly, I think Avonlea would absolutely love to have a baby sister, or in her words, "a princess baby sister," even if that means she will have to share some of the spotlight.  I'm quite certain she would dote all over that baby girl and make her feel as beautiful and self-assured as she, herself feels.  After all, as I said, Avonlea's emotions are big, and although she may have a strong love for herself, she loves her family fiercely as well!

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