Monday, February 8, 2016

Baby #5 Soon to Arrive

Early December I was feeling exhausted, as in can't even keep my eyes open, exhausted.  I took a pregnancy test.  It was negative.  So I continued on, not having any idea why I was so tired.  A week later, still feeling worn out and drowsy, I took another test, which came up positive.

As with my pregnancy with the twins, we were able to announce the expected new baby to our families at our Christmas celebrations.  Greg announced it to my side of the family during the prayer over our Christmas dinner.  He blessed that I would have a safe pregnancy and that the baby would be healthy, and then continued to give the longest prayer ever.  My sisters were dying waiting for the end of the prayer to respond to the news.  Haha!

I've been pretty sick for the last two months.  So most of my friends who have regular contact with me have known about the pregnancy early on.  I can't hide it when I'm too sick to function and continually absent from most activities that I would usually never miss.  But for those of you who I haven't seen recently, you are now in the know.

I am currently twelve weeks pregnant.  The baby (there is only one in there this time; I had the doctor check during my first appointment with an ultrasound to be sure) is due mid August.  We are all excited!  Everyone in the family has said they would like it to be a girl, except Archer.  Most of the time he says he wants a brother, once in a while he concedes with the rest of his siblings and says he hopes for a sister.  Honestly, I'd be surprised if we have a girl... we are good at making boys.  But either way, we look forward to the arrival of baby #5.

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Stephanie said...

That's the BEST pregnancy announcement every... where everyone has to be reverent during the prayer and wait. SO excited for your family! You have the cutest kids, and adding one more is just awesome!