Monday, November 9, 2015

Reflections - Let Your Imagination Fly

Palmer and Brody participated in the school Reflections contest this year.  The theme was Let Your Imagination Fly.  I was on the PTA committee over Reflections (this was my second year doing so) and was over facilitating the judging, so our family was all about Reflections for the past month.

Brody submitted a visual arts entry.  He made a Lego representation of our family as robots.  He has such a great imagination and is amazing at building with Legos.  I was so impressed!  I love how he made Greg's robot so tall, how my robot has long yellow "hair," how his robot has big eyes, and how the twins' robots are similar.  He put a lot of thought into his creations.

Palmer entered a short story titled "The Lost Chick" in the literature category.  It was cute.  The chick in the story gets lost and he and his family go looking to all of the places Palmer deems coolest in the world: i.e. Disneyland, Legoland, Winnemucca and China.  

He also entered this picture he called, "Fire in the Sky," for photography.  It won a merit award.

And he spent weeks putting together this mobile.  He took selfies and drew himself as different things he could be when he grows up.  He titled it "Imagine My Future."  He won an excellence award for it!  He was so excited and proud to have his name called at the school assembly, twice!  His mobile is going on to the next level to be judged now.

I was a little concerned about Brody being sad that he didn't win, while Palmer did.  I gave him a hug as he was walking out of the assembly and told him he did a great job.  He said thanks and then excitedly told me that Palmer won and that he was so excited for him.  Melt my heart; I just love that kid!

I'm proud of my creative, artistic boys!  I only volunteer for two of the committee through the school year: Reflections and Parent Teacher Appreciation.  They are the events I am passionate about.  So the fact that my children are also into finding an artistic outlet and exploring their creativity makes me one happy mom!

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