Saturday, November 14, 2015

One Lemon, No More, No Less

My sisters and I continued our traditional dinner at Cracker Barrel to celebrate Mom's birthday.  I feel like I usually keep myself together pretty well, emotionally, on "commemorative" days concerning my mother's passing.  Not that I don't still grieve and that her absence doesn't still hit me hard, but it is usually at random times when I struggle with her being gone.  That was not the case this November 12.  I was sad, all day.  I think because I have been really wanting her advice concerning some aspects of my life.  She was the best at giving advice... whether someone wanted it or not!  And I definitely am wanting it right now.  She was a very wise individual, and often when I couldn't see the right path, or couldn't grasp how I should deal with a situation, she knew just what to say to comfort me and help me.  I miss that.  I miss her.

On a lighter note, I find myself even missing her silly little idiosyncrasies; behaviors that used to irritate me a bit, are now treasured memories.  Like her very specific, very direct, instructions to waiters concerning her beverage order.  She always ordered water with "one lemon, no more, no less," said emphatically, with direct eye contact, and with her index finger pointed in the air.  She only wanted one lemon and she didn't want to waste.  She would feel quite frustrated when waiters would mistakenly bring her several lemons.  So the request became more and more vehement, to the point that I, her easily embarrassed teenage/young adult daughter, though it came across as rude.

Who would have thought that such a silly tradition would carry on.  But it has, for when the three of us daughters get together each year, in memory of our dear mother, a request for water with "one lemon, no more, no less," is always made.  And it is said very wholeheartedly, with unwavering eye contact, and an index finger confidently raised.  And although a waiter, taken aback by our directness, may not crack a smile, I believe my mom does.

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