Monday, October 12, 2015

Brody at Six Years Old

Brody turned six this month.  He has grown up a lot during the past year.  He started Kindergarten and is doing great.  He is a very smart boy!  He also has a great imagination.  He can build just about anything with Legos.  He plays superheros, ninjas, Star Wars; anything that's tough, strong and boyish, he loves!  He also has a new found interest in outer space.  He is making more friends this past year.  He now has his own friends, not just Palmer's.  Most of the time he is a good, easy going kid.  We all love him and are grateful to have him in our family.  Here's a list of Brody's favorites at age six.

What is your favorite color?   - green
What is your favorite food?  -  cherries and pretzels
Where is your favorite place to go?  - The Museum of Natural Curiosity
What is your favorite TV show?  - Teen Titans Go!
What is your favorite movie?  - Big Hero 6 and Lego movies (Lego Star Wars, Lego Marvel, Lego DC Comics, etc.)
What is your favorite book?  - Captain Underpants
What is your favorite thing to do?  - play with Legos
Who is your best friend?  - Emily and Landon

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Rie Pie said...

I love my Brody Bean so much. He truly is such a blessing. ♡♡♡