Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween was a lot of fun this year!  The kids were into all things spooky.  The twins wanted to find every house in the neighborhood that was decorated with scary Halloween props.  We all went to saw the witches at Gardener Village.  The older boys went to their first Haunted House, at the local fitness center.  They went through with my boss who made sure all the characters were easy on them.  They did well.  Palmer was a little scared at the end; Brody said he wants to go again.  

The kids trick or treated the day before Halloween at Greg's work.  They trick or treated around our neighborhood for hours Halloween night!  They got so much candy!

Palmer as Hiro from Big Hero 6

Brody as a king

Archer as a fireman

Avonlea as a princess

Monday, October 19, 2015

Visit to Winnemucca

We took a weekend road trip to Winnemucca to visit Grandpa Kelly and Grandma Kerri. They had just adopted a teeny, tiny baby kitten.  The kids loved on it all weekend!  They also quite enjoyed watching cable television cartoons (but couldn't quite understand why the shows didn't work like Netflix, i.e. no pausing, no requesting a certain show at a certain time) and their jetted bathtub.

We spent a morning/afternoon four wheeling on some sand dunes and hanging out in the RV - watching movies and eating lunch.  Archer was especially adorable walking around in his helmet that was so big and heavy for him; he couldn't keep himself balanced or walk straight.

It was a great trip!  So glad we could visit and have fun.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Brody at Six Years Old

Brody turned six this month.  He has grown up a lot during the past year.  He started Kindergarten and is doing great.  He is a very smart boy!  He also has a great imagination.  He can build just about anything with Legos.  He plays superheros, ninjas, Star Wars; anything that's tough, strong and boyish, he loves!  He also has a new found interest in outer space.  He is making more friends this past year.  He now has his own friends, not just Palmer's.  Most of the time he is a good, easy going kid.  We all love him and are grateful to have him in our family.  Here's a list of Brody's favorites at age six.

What is your favorite color?   - green
What is your favorite food?  -  cherries and pretzels
Where is your favorite place to go?  - The Museum of Natural Curiosity
What is your favorite TV show?  - Teen Titans Go!
What is your favorite movie?  - Big Hero 6 and Lego movies (Lego Star Wars, Lego Marvel, Lego DC Comics, etc.)
What is your favorite book?  - Captain Underpants
What is your favorite thing to do?  - play with Legos
Who is your best friend?  - Emily and Landon

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Brody's Superhero Birthday Party

Brody chose to have a superhero theme for his sixth birthday party.  We had 18 kids here for the party.  It was a little chaotic, but a lot of fun!

We did a super hero training camp. Every child picked out a mask, cuffs and drew on a cape.  We generated a super hero name (and powers) from this website for each kid, and had them pose in front of a cloud backdrop for a picture.  We had a running course to test super speed, bomb defusing (popping little black balloons), and detaining a super villain (tying up Greg with crepe paper).

I decorated his cake with M&Ms to look like Captain America's shield.  Brody loved the cake!

Brody received a lot of superhero gifts.  We gave him a Lego Ant Man set and a Lego DC Superhero movie.  He was in superhero heaven!  Thanks to all those who came; he had a great time at the party celebrating with his friends!