Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Soccer

Palmer and Brody just finished fall soccer.  We asked special permission for Brody to be moved up to the older team so the boys could play together.  They played with 7-10 year olds this time, on a much larger field.  They had games every Saturday and a practice once a week on the weeknight.

At first they seemed really lost and weren't getting much playing time.  By the end of the season they had really upped their game and were running up and down the field, right on top of the ball, the majority of the time.  Palmer played goalie about halfway through the season and was great at it.  Most of the time he was a defender.  Brody usually played forward, but had been begging all season to play goalie.  The coach gave him a shot during the last game.  He saved one ball from going in, but the next one got past him.  We were all very happy he got the chance to try.

The boys thought the medals this season were super cool.  I'm proud of their hustle this season.  They were very tired during a lot of the games, with the start of school and a more demanding schedule.  But they pushed through, and had a great experience.  They both want to play again next year.

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