Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Soccer

Palmer and Brody just finished fall soccer.  We asked special permission for Brody to be moved up to the older team so the boys could play together.  They played with 7-10 year olds this time, on a much larger field.  They had games every Saturday and a practice once a week on the weeknight.

At first they seemed really lost and weren't getting much playing time.  By the end of the season they had really upped their game and were running up and down the field, right on top of the ball, the majority of the time.  Palmer played goalie about halfway through the season and was great at it.  Most of the time he was a defender.  Brody usually played forward, but had been begging all season to play goalie.  The coach gave him a shot during the last game.  He saved one ball from going in, but the next one got past him.  We were all very happy he got the chance to try.

The boys thought the medals this season were super cool.  I'm proud of their hustle this season.  They were very tired during a lot of the games, with the start of school and a more demanding schedule.  But they pushed through, and had a great experience.  They both want to play again next year.

Monday, September 28, 2015

From the Mouths of the Hess Babes

As he's watching me shred a rotisserie chicken for dinner, "Is that a whole chicken?  Do we eat the butt!?"

Every night before bed, "Mom, I love you more than you love me."  To which I always reply with a matter of fact, "Never," which makes him giggle.

While reading a book that mentions Abraham Lincoln, "Abraham Lincoln!  He's one of our prophets!"

"Everyone is funny except you [meaning me, his mother], Dad and Palmer.  Actually, Palmer is kind of funny."

Palmer and Brody both like to google images by using the voice command on our tablets and phones. They usually look up pictures of volcanoes, China, karate, anything their little boy minds find interesting.  One day I hear him ask Google, "What does a big strong lizard look like?"

While looking at a satellite image of Bear Lake and it's sandy beach, he exclaims, " Ancient Egypt is in Bear Lake!?"

On a drive late at night, "The moon glows in the dark...  It looks like a banana."

"I be the princess.  Archer is my prince."

One Year of Babysitting Co-op

We have now been involved in our neighborhood babysitting co-op for a little over a year, and we are still going strong.  The group has changed a bit with a family deciding it didn't work for them, and two other families joining us.  We now have five families, and 14 children (ages 1-10) who participate. 

Our kids have loved being a part of this group!  For them it's like going to a birthday party every weekend.  Greg and I love it too!  We get free babysitting for date nights three weeks out of the month.  And the weeks we've hosted have been running a lot more smoothly now that we have gotten the hang of entertaining so many children of different ages.  Some activities we've done through the year are: blow-up water slide, roasting marshmallows and making smores, board games, crafts, Bingo, Don't Eat Pete, baking, making slime, flashlights/glow sticks at the park, biking in our empty basement, playing musical instruments, sidewalk chalk, and putting just about every room and toy we have in this house to good use.

We've really grown to love the kids in this group.  And our children have all made good friends because of their weekly get togethers.  I'm so grateful that we've been able to make this work!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Phone Pictures

 With the twins in preschool, I now have two child-free hours twice a week.  I caught up on my birthday cards for first two hour break.

 Brody, Archer and Avonlea giving some intense family hugs.  They were hugging (and giggling) so fiercely that they were having trouble standing up.

 Palmer and the twins taking a short break from the splash pad to sun bath,

 Avonlea asked me to do her hair like a princess for church. 

 All the kids snuggling with Daddy.

This combination of cards was given to Greg during a round of playing Boxers or Briefs with some friends.  Apparently, we are on the same page in our impressions of him.

 The twins watching YouTube videos in style.

 Last day of free lunch at the park.  The lunches were a regular for us this summer.

 Archer and Avonlea at the library's Superhero craft night.

 Greg and I at Black Bear Diner.  Crazy huge portions!

 Archer and Avonlea = best buddies.

 Funny poses during swim class.

 The kids all ready for dress like a cow day at Chic fil A.

 Archer got a haircut.

 Avonlea went for a pedicure (her first) with my sisters and I.

 Teeter tottering in the rain and loving it.

 The twins were on the B,R,A,T,Y, diet due to a nasty virus.  We took them out from some frozen yogurt; we all wondered why we hadn't been doing so every day of their restricted diet.

 Avonlea's cute curly hair in the California humidity.

 Greg had far too much fun playing all the instruments at The Museum of Making Music.

Some days Avonlea is all about me fixing her hair super fancy.  Other days she doesn't even want me to brush it. 

 The boys were obsessed with Lego Mixels this summer.  We had them earn these with a few weeks work.

 Palmer missing both his front teeth.

 Dad bought Palmer and Brody a treat for school graduation.

 They fought all day long and the suddenly they were best buddies, sharing a chair, heads together, giggling.  Only brothers can flip the switch that quickly!

 Making English tarts with my Granny's tart pan from England.

Whenever we have girls over to play; Avonlea won't leave their side.  She needs a sister!