Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Adventures of Palmer and Brody

Palmer and Brody had a couple summer trips without Mom and Dad this year.  The first time they were invited to Grandma Nancy's and Grandpa Randall's house in Bear Lake for "Cousins Camp."  They stayed two night and were able to meet and play with Randall's grandchildren as well as play with their cousins Amaya and Alyssa.  They hiked into a cave, played at the lake and stayed up late talking.  They came back very tired, but very happy.

The second trip they had they went to Winnemucca with Grandpa Kelly and Grandma Kerri for a whole week!  That one was a little hard on me.  I missed them like crazy!  I don't know how I'll deal with them going on a mission for two years, yikes!  There they were spoiled like crazy, going out for happy meals every day, buying crafts at the store, going swimming, riding four wheelers, and enjoyed a bubble bath every night in their jetted garden bathtub.  They had a blast!

Kerri sent me this picture of the boys at monster rock, where they took a quick stop, on their way to Winnemucca.  Greg also has picture of himself there as a little boy.

I'm glad these boys are getting to go out into the world, experience and explore.  And I'm so grateful they have extended family who loves them and wants to spend quality time with them.

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