Sunday, August 2, 2015

Potty Training Twins

Ai, yi, yi!  Potty training the twins turned out to be as hard as I had hyped it up in my head to be. 

As I did with the older boys, I followed the program found in Toilet Training in Less Than a Day, which I have found to be very successful.  Like everything, I modify it a bit to fit my children, but I do believe it to be a positive program that yields fast results.

I knew I needed to give myself more time to get the twins potty sufficient than I have given myself with when potty training in the past.  I planned a whole week to really focus on the task because, first of all, there are two of them and I am outnumbered, and second of all, our lives are more busy and we have more commitments; I knew I could not devote three days straight to stay at home.  The week started very rough, but by the end of it, the twins were rocking the potty business!  Sweet success, right!?

Wrong.  What I didn't think about was that we were going to Legoland just two weeks later.  A place of such excitement and distraction, and long lines, is not ideal for newly toilet trained twins.  After a couple of days, Greg and I gave it and purchased a package of Pull Ups, something I try greatly to avoid when potty training.

Not only did I not take into account that setback, I also didn't see us all getting infected with Cryptosporidium, thanks to the Legoland waterpark.  Ugh!  Thanks to those nasty little parasites, and the round the clock diarrhea, the twins were in pull ups for another two weeks after the trip.

So now I find myself, a couple months after beginning Toilet Training in Less Than a Day, still toilet training.  The twins have gotten to the point that they mostly have it down.  They are peeing on the potty 99% of the time, but the pooping on the potty has been a struggle since they got sick.  As a friend of my said when I posted the picture above on Instagram, asking for luck as I began this venture, "Potty training is the worst part of parenting!"  I'm sure there will be bigger, scarier, more life-threatening hurtles to get through down the road as I parent, but I have to say, I really am not a fan of teaching toilet skills!

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