Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Last Days of Summer

Last summer, I had a huge bucket list that kept us very busy.  This year, I felt just as busy, yet I know we didn't do as many activities.  We did however, go on a few road trips, spent many afternoons at the fitness center/free lunch at the park and had the older boys participate in soccer and swimming lessons.  And between those things, the summer flew by!

I did make sure to pack as much fun as possible into our last week of summer vacation.  We went to the farm with London, Trevor and Davis.  We pet and fed animals, went on a wagon ride and rode ponies.

We spent the weekend at Bear Lake with Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Randall.  We spent a lot of time at the lake.  We rode jet skis for a few hours, played on the water trampoline for an hour, swam, and played in the sand.  It was so much fun!  We also had a BBQ at the house, played games and attended church in Garden City Sunday morning.  Sadly, I didn't take one picture!

Monday I took the kids and cousin Davis to a splash pad.  They ran and ran, giggling the whole time!  I could help but smile widely as I watched them, sitting back and soaking up the rays of the sun.  Summer life is good!

I love spending the summer with my kids!  I am always happy to get back to a more scheduled life with school starting, but I will miss having my kids around and planning outings with them.  This summer went by too fast; I'm not quite ready to send them all off to school yet.

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