Sunday, July 26, 2015

Forth of July and Pioneer Day Festivities

We viewed a lot of great fireworks this month! On the forth, after a barbeque with the Nichols side of the family, Greg and I took the kids to see the fireworks in Magna. I had been a long time ago, and they weren't great. This time they were awesome! All the kids loved the show. On Pioneer Day, the Nelsons invited our family over along with a bunch of friends from our old ward for a potluck barbecue and fireworks. They always put on an amazing show! It lasts over an hour and every firework is big, loud, beautiful and impressive. We're so grateful they include us in this yearly tradition. We love them, and we love their love of fireworks. The kids once again were enthralled. And Greg and I were more than happy to catch up with some friends, eat some good food and see some great explosives. Check out the bounty provided by the Nelsons!


We also did a firework show at our home the next night after the twins' birthday party.  We invited both sides of the family, some family friends, and a bunch of neighbors.  It wasn't as grand as the night before, but it was fun.  My friend Allison said it was the best firework show she'd seen.  She was referring to the excitement factor since our fireworks were very close, and gave us all a scare of blowing up several times through out the night.  We have plans of how to set them off in a safer manner in the future.  Grandpa Kelly was in town and loved the fireworks; he said he wants to make it a yearly tradition.  I suppose that's one benefit of being born on Pioneer Day, as the twins were.  We get to make the celebration extra grand!

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