Sunday, July 26, 2015

Three Year Old Twins

Archer and Avonlea turned three July 24.  They have grown up so fast!  I don't know if I am just more accustomed to dealing with the toddler years and its accompanying mood swings and tantrums, or if the twins are just really good toddlers, because the so-called "terrible twos" haven't been so terrible.  The twins are just so much fun at this age!  The are silly, curious, loving and just plain adorable!

Archer has really grown up a lot the past six months.  He is talking so much more and much more clearly.  He has developed a really silly personality!  He is usually found joking around, making funny noises or faces and giggling.  He loves his siblings, especially Avonlea.  He is the pickiest eater out of all our children.  He eats only a handful of foods, and not even much of those.  His clothes hide it fairly well, but he is one very skinny boy!  He is very active and loves to go "bye bye.'' He will actually count how many places we go each day and brag about going to "2 bye byes," or "3 bye byes."  He is a very happy, easy going, fun little boy!

He has learned: to use the potty (still having an accident occasionally), many little songs (his favorites include: Lullaby, Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, Old McDonald Had a Farm), all his colors, animal noises, and to pronounce words much better

He likes: his blanket, Mickey Mouse, superheroes, Minions, the color yellow, fruit snacks, suckers, crackers, strawberries, yogurt, bananas, milk, jumping on the trampoline, trains, YouTube videos of toys/surprise eggs/play dough, playing with his siblings and friends, animals, play places, park equipment, swimming, and baths.

He dislikes: most sandwiches, potatoes, most meat, most food really

Things he does that makes us laugh: makes weird noises, acts like a wild animal, his little grin, and lots of giggles

Avonlea continues to be a little diva.  She has very extreme emotions.  She is the sweetest most loving child one minute and the most stubborn, bratty, or heartbroken child the next minute.  She loves all things girly.  She wants to wear a skirt or dress everyday because she "wants to be the princess."  She also insists that Archer is her prince.  She is very smiley and loves to be the center of attention.  She loves to talk.  She follows me everywhere.  She is my little mini me and will encourage, praise and discipline her sibling right along with me.  She also has a little tomboy side too.  She loves to wrestle with Greg!  She brings a lot of joy and adventure to our lives!

She has learned: to use the potty (still having an occasional accident), a lot of little songs, (her favorites include: I am a Child of God, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Follow the Prophet), all her colors, animal noises, and to be more comfortable climbing and playing on play equipment

She likes: princesses, mermaids, jewelry, Minnie Mouse, dresses, the colors pink and purple, meat, suckers, yogurt, Lucky Charms, broccoli, bananas, jumping on the trampoline, dressing up, YouTube videos of princess toys/surprise eggs/play dough, playing with siblings and friends - especially girls, animals, play places, park equipment, swimming and baths

She dislikes: being alone, grapes, sleeping (she goes to bed last, wakes in the middle of the night often, skips naps and is the first one up in the morning)

Things she does that makes us laugh: talks in a very high pitched voice, picks out jewelry to wear each day, for every outing, and even before bad, big cheesy smiles and silly giggles

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