Thursday, July 2, 2015


Our family took a trip to Legoland mid-June and yes it's true, everything was awesome!  We went to the park five days in a row.  It took the first four days for us to be able to see and do everything, and we spent the last day visiting our favorite rides, shows and activities one last time.

One of our favorite things was the large Lego structures that are all around the park.  They are amazing!  And there are so many of them, we were still noticing new ones that we had missed days into the trip.  There is also an entire land inside the park, Miniland, that is made up of large replications of major cities, and to Brody's utter delight, even Star Wars cities!  It was so cool!


The rides were very different than other amusement parks we've been to.  They weren't big thrill rides.  They were very kid friendly and a lot of them were rider controlled.  Here is Palmer and Brody on Kid Power Tower, pulling themselves up and letting themselves drop by the power of their own muscles.

There is also numerous areas for the kids (and adults) to play with Legos.  There are even play areas in the longer lines for kids to play while parents wait, genius!  The kids played with a lot of Legos, yet never seemed to tire of them.  In one area there was a wall of guests' impressive creations.  Avonlea decided hers was worthy of display and added her own contribution to the wall.  Can you find it?  I'll give you a hint.  She prefers to only build with pink Legos.

The Legoland waterpark was also very impressive.  It was a tad too cold for me and the twins and we spent most of the day shivering, but the chilly weather didn't seem to bother Greg and the older boys.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures since I left my phone behind as not to get it wet.  But some favorites were the Chima wavepool, the Duplo pool, and the Orange Rush waterslide where the entire family could ride together on a huge tube.

We spent half of day four at the Sea Life Aquarium.  It was a really cute aquarium, very kid friendly like everything else, and also incorporated a lot of Lego characters.  We were able to see the octopus feeding there which was really neat.

We watched a couple 4D movies, got soaked in Pirate Shores (a land made up of water rides and amazing splash pads) and met Emmet and Wildstyle, which the kids liked.

It was a great vacation for our family!  I think the park was really geared to our children's ages.  The kids had a blast, and we had a blast watching them take it all in.  Several weeks later Archer still tell every person he meets, "I went to Legoland."  And Avonlea will say, as if to remind herself we can't go visit all the time, "Legoland is far away."  I'm so glad we took the opportunity to take this trip.  It will be one we remember always!

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