Monday, May 25, 2015

Brody Graduates Preschool

Brody graduated preschool.  He is now kindergarten bound!  He really blossomed this year in preschool.  He can write his name, knows all his letters and their phonemes, does simple math and can read several sight words. Here he is at graduation and with his teachers from the past year: Ms. Mele, Ms. Autumn and Ms. Jeanette.

As a funny side note, as we were leaving the graduation ceremony, a family asked to take a picture of Brody with their daughter, one of Brody's classmates.  They said their daughter had talked about Brody all year, and refers to him as her boyfriend.  Haha!  Of course, Brody had no idea.  I remember at Palmer's preschool graduation a female classmate gave Palmer her phone number and told him to call her over the summer.  I know it's all innocent, but girls sure do mature faster than boys!

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