Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Weekend Campout

Our friends from the 27th ward planned a camping trip over Memorial Day weekend.  We planned to be there Friday night through Sunday afternoon.  However, it was very cold and wet.  We spent the majority of the time next to the campfire to keep warm.  Which was just fine; it yielded a lot of time to talk with our friends, play games and snack on yummy food.  The first night we were all freezing so we ended up driving home to sleep in the warm house for the night.  The second night just Greg and the older boys stayed in the tent (with extra blankets and a heater this time), and I went home with the twins.  The twins were done by this point.  Greg and the boys stayed on through Sunday night and then came home very dirty and tired, but very happy with the time they had playing in the canyons.

Even though it was very cold, and wet and the twins cried a good portion of the trip, we all had a great time.  We love our 27th ward friends, and miss them a lot!  I'm so grateful they still include us in social gatherings!

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