Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Weekend Campout

Our friends from the 27th ward planned a camping trip over Memorial Day weekend.  We planned to be there Friday night through Sunday afternoon.  However, it was very cold and wet.  We spent the majority of the time next to the campfire to keep warm.  Which was just fine; it yielded a lot of time to talk with our friends, play games and snack on yummy food.  The first night we were all freezing so we ended up driving home to sleep in the warm house for the night.  The second night just Greg and the older boys stayed in the tent (with extra blankets and a heater this time), and I went home with the twins.  The twins were done by this point.  Greg and the boys stayed on through Sunday night and then came home very dirty and tired, but very happy with the time they had playing in the canyons.

Even though it was very cold, and wet and the twins cried a good portion of the trip, we all had a great time.  We love our 27th ward friends, and miss them a lot!  I'm so grateful they still include us in social gatherings!

Palmer at Seven Years Old

Palmer turned seven this month!  He has grown up to be a great kid!  He is kind, caring and a good friend.  He is very social and seeks out friends to play with.  He is an amazing big brother, especially with the twins and is always willing to help me take care of them.  He loves school!  He has become a good reader and is now reading to his younger siblings.  He has a great excitement about life, and a positive attitude most of the time.  This year Palmer has really grown to love soccer.  He's pretty good at it too.  He still likes arts and crafts.  We are very lucky to have Palmer in our family!  Here's a list of Palmer's favorites at age seven.

What is your favorite color?   -Green
What is your favorite food?  - ramen soup, cheese pizza (especially from his school) and kiwi
Where is your favorite place to go?  - Chuck E. Cheese, Lagoon and Bounce Houses
What is your favorite TV show?  - Cupcake Wars
What is your favorite movie?  - Diary of a Wimpy Kid
What is your favorite book?  - The Foot Book by Dr, Seuss
What is your favorite thing to do?  - soccer and swimming
Who is your best friend?  - Owen

Monday, May 25, 2015

Brody Graduates Preschool

Brody graduated preschool.  He is now kindergarten bound!  He really blossomed this year in preschool.  He can write his name, knows all his letters and their phonemes, does simple math and can read several sight words. Here he is at graduation and with his teachers from the past year: Ms. Mele, Ms. Autumn and Ms. Jeanette.

As a funny side note, as we were leaving the graduation ceremony, a family asked to take a picture of Brody with their daughter, one of Brody's classmates.  They said their daughter had talked about Brody all year, and refers to him as her boyfriend.  Haha!  Of course, Brody had no idea.  I remember at Palmer's preschool graduation a female classmate gave Palmer her phone number and told him to call her over the summer.  I know it's all innocent, but girls sure do mature faster than boys!

Monday, May 18, 2015

72 Hour Kits

My friend Allison and I got together to make 72 hour kits.  This is our second time doing so.  She always makes them around April General Conference and has her kids eat the previous year's snacks while viewing.  I'm very glad she has included me in the tradition!  It definitely brings peace of mind having these on hand.  In the kits, there isn't a lot food, and it's not super healthy, but it would work to sustain someone in an emergency.  The cost for each kit comes to about $7.  It all fits in a gallon zip lock bag for each transportation.  Here's the menu with the included food items.  A copy of the menu and three spoons are added to each bag along with the food.

Day 1
Breakfast: 1 granola bar, 1 Capri Sun, 1 fruit snack
Lunch: Quaker cereal, 1 pkg. crackers, water
Dinner: Vienna sausages, 1 Capri Sun
Snack: 6 hard candies
(drink 1/3 of your water)
Day 2
Breakfast: cup of fruit, 1 pkg. cookies
Lunch: 1 Pop-tart, 1 fruit snack, water
Dinner: 1 granola bar, 1 fruit snack, 1 Capri Sun
Snack: 6 hard candies
(drink 1/2  of your water)
Day 3
Breakfast: 1 Pop-tarts. 1 fruit snack, water
Lunch: Pork and beans, 1 Capri Sun
Dinner: 1 pkg. crackers, 1 pudding, water
Snack: 6 hard candies
(drink remaining water)
We are planning to use up last years kits on an upcoming road trip.  Hooray for not having to buy snacks for the road!  And an even bigger hooray for being prepared as our prophets have implored us to do!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Palmer's Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

Palmer turned seven this month. He requested an art themed birthday party. We invited cousins and his primary class to join in the fun. Every child I invited came; we had 20 children at the party!

Each kid decorated an apron when they arrived.  We played Pictionary.  And we made slime; the kids were able to choose which color they wanted and if they wanted glitter in it.  That was a bit hit!  I hope the parents didn't hate me for sending their kids home with slime.  Then everyone decorated their own cupcake.  We sang Happy Birthday and ate up.  Palmer opened his presents; he received a lot of fun art projects and crafts.  Greg and I gave him a new bike.  And we ended the party drawing outside with sidewalk chalk.  It was a lot of fun!  Palmer said it was his best party yet.

Spring Soccer

I signed up Palmer and Brody for Spring Soccer.  They play on the same team with a couple other friends.  They are loving it!  They had their first game on Palmer's birthday.  Both boys played well, were running up and down the field and kicking the ball.  I think this will be the start of a lot of competitive fun playing in the future.