Monday, April 27, 2015

Brody's First Lost Tooth

Brody had been wiggling and wiggling his bottom front tooth for over a week.  Last Friday it was so ready to come out, but he was too nervous for me to pull it.  I took the kids to the fitness center to play in the childcare while I worked out, with a bag designated for his tooth in case he wiggled it free.  I returned from my workout to see Brody missing his tooth.  He had allowed his preschool teacher (who also works in the childcare) to pull it out!  Brody is very sensitive to anything that is slightly uncomfortable.  He wouldn't let Greg or I even touch his tooth, but he was fine with his teacher pulling it!  Way to go Ms. Jeanette!  Talk about going above and beyond!  My coworkers told me Brody was a little sad at first about the pulling, but cheered up quickly as he told me his tooth came out and now the toothfairy could come.  And to his delight, the toothfairy did come that night with $2!

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