Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Latest Phone Pics

Palmer gave his first oral report at school on his favorite animal, giraffes.  He worked really hard on it and did a great job.

 We had a crazy muddy, windy storm.  It blew our trampoline onto the neighbor's gazebo.

The twins being carried by Daddy post bath.

Palmer and Brody with their ears right next to the speakers during General Conference as to not miss a single word while playing Conference Bingo. 

Archer following in Dad's footsteps.  All the kids and their friends love to play our drums. 

I recently brought these pretties to a baby shower.  I just love fancy cupcakes, handmade cards and pretty wrapped presents. 

Palmer has learned how to make balloon animals all by himself. 

We were able to go to a free prescreening of the movie HOME thanks to my work. 

Brody getting a dexascan to check his bone density.  He was given a copy of his full body X-ray and was super excited to take it to show and tell at preschool. 

Brody playing on the letters outside of a local library.  The kids love climbing on these; we always have to stop and play on our way out. 

I love it when they all hold hands!  Melts my heart everytime! 

We double dated with our friends the Edwards to try Saturday's Waffles.  They were yummy. 

Brody has been really into superheroes and art lately.  Can you guess who is in each drawing? 

A very happy Brody coming home from superhero day at preschool. 

Palmer and Brody helping Auntie Rie with her homework, illustrating her 10 year plan after graduation from massage school. 

Avonlea with some impressive bedhead.  She has started referring to her hair as "crazy hair."  I must say that far too often when I'm taming her mane.

Palmer and Davis - gappy toothed cousins are the best kind.

I got major mom points this day.  The kids thought I shoveled for the sole purpose of them being able to ride bikes.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Brody's First Lost Tooth

Brody had been wiggling and wiggling his bottom front tooth for over a week.  Last Friday it was so ready to come out, but he was too nervous for me to pull it.  I took the kids to the fitness center to play in the childcare while I worked out, with a bag designated for his tooth in case he wiggled it free.  I returned from my workout to see Brody missing his tooth.  He had allowed his preschool teacher (who also works in the childcare) to pull it out!  Brody is very sensitive to anything that is slightly uncomfortable.  He wouldn't let Greg or I even touch his tooth, but he was fine with his teacher pulling it!  Way to go Ms. Jeanette!  Talk about going above and beyond!  My coworkers told me Brody was a little sad at first about the pulling, but cheered up quickly as he told me his tooth came out and now the toothfairy could come.  And to his delight, the toothfairy did come that night with $2!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break

Our plans for a road trip to California to visit family during Spring Break were canceled last minute.  So we made the most of the break with activities around home.

Thursday we went to The Museum of Natural Curiosity.

Friday we went swimming in the morning and went to Menchies for dessert in the evening.

Saturday we went to a neighborhood egg hunt and decorated eggs.

Sunday we had the Nichols family over for Easter dinner and an egg hunt in the back yard.

Monday we went to Fat Cats for bowling and pizza.

Tuesday we went to Farm Country and went on pony rides.

It was a lot of fun!  The kids and I were pretty worn out by the end of the break.  Work hard and play hard; that's my philosophy!  And hopefully I'm passing that mantra on to my children.