Monday, March 2, 2015

Recent Phone Pics

 We had eleven kids over to watch Big Hero 6; they are were thoroughly engaged and laughing through the entire movie!
 The moment the movie ended this happened!
 Palmer and Brody happily helping themselves to some chocolate fondue leftover from our Valentine's Party.
 During our last trip to the zoo, the kids wanted their picture taken on every animal statue they could find.
 1:00 church is proving hard for Avonlea.  She's fallen asleep in numerous places as a result.
 I made my favorite cake for February's neighborhood book club.
 Lapsitting at the fitness center childcare, and happy about it.
 Brody was sad he didn't have a lawn chair to sit on, so Avonlea invited him to share with a pat of her lap.  Brody was nervous he would hurt her, but she insisted, and they were both happy.
 Maracas; noisy fun at library storytime.
 This boy and his "blancon," a.k.a. blanket.  He loves it!
 Playdate with our cute friend Maylee at Jungle Jims.
Archer watching Charlie and Lola in style as Avonlea peeks back at me.

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