Monday, March 2, 2015

Calling Changes

Greg was called to be the ward clerk last month.  Consequently he was released from the Young Men Presidency.  He was sad to leave the young men.  He's been really impressed with the boys in our ward.  But he has been enjoying his new calling.  He's told me that he likes doing something different.  He's usually in the Young Men Presidency or Elder Quorum Presidency.  The Bishopric and Stake Presidency were warning me about how time consuming the calling would be.  So far, it's been okay.  Greg is gone a lot of the day on Sunday, but he is now home through the week instead of gone for mutual night.  And luckily, we have 1:00 church this year, so I've been able to get the kids all ready for church on my own pretty easily.

About the same time as when Greg was called, I was released as Relief Society Activities Chair.  I am still serving as Primary Chorister, which I love, but now just have the one calling.  I really enjoyed planning and carrying out the Relief Society Activities; it's been one of the most enjoyable callings I've had, but I have been doing it for over five years, and I was feeling a little burnt out.  I am happy now to focus all my energy on the Primary.

I'm grateful for the opportunities we have to serve in the church.  I know they help me grow and the definitely help me feel connected to other ward members.

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