Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thank You Cards

The Young Women leaders were looking for paper crafters to help the young women make some thank you cards.  I volunteered for the task.  It was a lot of fun making the kits.  It made me miss my days teaching classes at Scrapbook Heaven and for Community Ed.  The cards this time around were very simple so that the girls could put them together easily.  And bonus for me, I was able to replenish my thank you card supply.

Lego Americana

We took the kids to the Lego Americana Roadshow at Fashion Place Mall.  It was very cool!  Our kids are big Lego fans, so we knew it would be a hit with them.  Greg and I were really impressed too.  There were many large scale monuments on display, some other displays that were just for fun, and an area for the kids to build Legos themselves.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Backyard Fun

This past week we put in a fence and put up a trampoline for the kids.  The trampoline was a Black Friday purchase; it has been in storage waiting until we got our fence finished.  We were all thrilled to finally be able to use it.  It has been so great to have a safe, secure place of our own.  I think I might love the new situation even more than the kids love it!  How nice to not have to be outside with the kids when they want to be outside playing.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Recent Phone Pics

 We had eleven kids over to watch Big Hero 6; they are were thoroughly engaged and laughing through the entire movie!
 The moment the movie ended this happened!
 Palmer and Brody happily helping themselves to some chocolate fondue leftover from our Valentine's Party.
 During our last trip to the zoo, the kids wanted their picture taken on every animal statue they could find.
 1:00 church is proving hard for Avonlea.  She's fallen asleep in numerous places as a result.
 I made my favorite cake for February's neighborhood book club.
 Lapsitting at the fitness center childcare, and happy about it.
 Brody was sad he didn't have a lawn chair to sit on, so Avonlea invited him to share with a pat of her lap.  Brody was nervous he would hurt her, but she insisted, and they were both happy.
 Maracas; noisy fun at library storytime.
 This boy and his "blancon," a.k.a. blanket.  He loves it!
 Playdate with our cute friend Maylee at Jungle Jims.
Archer watching Charlie and Lola in style as Avonlea peeks back at me.

Calling Changes

Greg was called to be the ward clerk last month.  Consequently he was released from the Young Men Presidency.  He was sad to leave the young men.  He's been really impressed with the boys in our ward.  But he has been enjoying his new calling.  He's told me that he likes doing something different.  He's usually in the Young Men Presidency or Elder Quorum Presidency.  The Bishopric and Stake Presidency were warning me about how time consuming the calling would be.  So far, it's been okay.  Greg is gone a lot of the day on Sunday, but he is now home through the week instead of gone for mutual night.  And luckily, we have 1:00 church this year, so I've been able to get the kids all ready for church on my own pretty easily.

About the same time as when Greg was called, I was released as Relief Society Activities Chair.  I am still serving as Primary Chorister, which I love, but now just have the one calling.  I really enjoyed planning and carrying out the Relief Society Activities; it's been one of the most enjoyable callings I've had, but I have been doing it for over five years, and I was feeling a little burnt out.  I am happy now to focus all my energy on the Primary.

I'm grateful for the opportunities we have to serve in the church.  I know they help me grow and the definitely help me feel connected to other ward members.