Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More Kid Talk

One of my very favorite things about being a mom is getting to hear the sweet and funny things that frequently come out of our little ones mouths.  Here are the latest gems.

Greg had a talk with the boys about thinking positively and believing in oneself.  A few days later when Palmer recapped how he won a game at school he told me he did so because, "I believed myself!"

Palmer's part in the Primary program: "Some of the things I thank Heavenly Father for are my family, that we have the Sabbath day and that we can attend church."

Palmer learned the little quips in the song Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer at school.  He sang it for us at dinner and instead of saying Pinocchio he said, "Nonocchio" and instead of Monopoly he said "Nononopopy."  He didn't know either reference.  Looks like I need to break out a vintage Disney movie and teach him a vintage family game.

When we surprised the kids with a ping pong table to set up in our basement Palmer excited cried out, "Now we can practice to play at the fitness center!"  Greg responded quickly, "Or you can play here at home!"

On our way home from church Brody informed me, "on the Sabbath day you can watch a church movie, go to church or pay tithing."  I thought the "or" was pretty funny.

Brody's part in the Primary program: "Some of God's creations that I love are my games."

"Mom, do you know why we don't get invited to Jesus' birthday?  Because it's Christmas!"

While at temple square Brody asked me how old the temple was.  I responded that I wasn't exactly sure.  He informed me that he knew.  "It's as old as Galactus."  I think he might have meant as BIG as Galactus, but who knows.

Clicks his tongue (like he's speaking come African language) to say "clean up."

Refers to his blanket as "mine."

When naming pictures of people in our family he calls everyone by name except himself which he points to and says, "my."

Archer is known for being very loud.  During a zoo trip there was a monkey making A LOT of noise.  I jokingly referred to him as an "Archer monkey."  Archer overheard and was very concerned that I thought the monkey was Archer.  He adamantly told me over and over while pointing to himself, "No, my," until I agree that yes, he was Archer, not the monkey.

When I am warning or disciplining the other kids, she repeats everything I say.  We call her little mom.

When I informed her that a Mickey Mouse movie was playing after I got her up from her nap, she ran out of the room calling, "Coming mouse!"

After a very short bout of coughing, she very pathetically looked up at Greg with big watery eyes, and sadly remarked, "Daddy, I sick."

Whenever Archer is mean to Avonlea, she quickly goes up to him, sobbing and wailing, arms stretched out and tells him how to make it better, "Archer! Hug!"

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