Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween

October seemed to fly by this year, and before I knew it, it was the week of the Halloween and the kids hadn't even worn their costumes yet.  Usually they have had them on all month for various events, but this year, I think we were just too busy with day to day stuff.

The boys picked their own costumes this year.  I picked out the twins costumes, but they were thrilled with them.  They both love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now.

I did get to take the boys to the ward truck or treat the weekend before Halloween.  Greg and the twins stayed home because the twins were contagious with hand, foot and mouth disease.

Other than that, it was just Halloween night that the kids were able to dress up for some Halloween fun.  They were hard core trick or treaters this year!  We all went out together for an hour.  And then I went out with just the older boys for almost another hour.  They soaked up every moment they could of candy collecting fun.

Palmer as Super Mario
Brody as Wolverine
Archer as Mickey Mouse
Avonlea as Minnie Mouse

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