Monday, November 17, 2014

Date Night Babysitting Co-op

We've been involved in a babysitting co-op group in our neighborhood for the past few months.  There are four families, twelve kids involved.  Each family takes one Saturday a month watching the kids, so the other couples can have a date night with free babysitting.  It's been great!  It's a little crazy the Saturday we have all the kids here, but it's quite often crazy here anyway.  So far we've only had the kids twice.  The first time we put up our waterslide to play on.  The second time we played with flashlights at the park and made snickerdoodles.  Our kids love the co-op nights.  It's like a party for them every week.

Greg and my favorite dates so far have actually been at home.  We get take out, rent a Redbox movie and watch it in our own home, on full volume!  It's been awesome.  We usually watch our grown up movies after the kids go to bed, quietly, not to wake the kids, with subtitles so we don't miss anything we can't hear, and split up the show between nights because we get too tired to finish it.  Watching the latest Captain America with loud surround sound at a decent hour in our own home was heaven.  Oh the things you take for granted before you have little children!

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