Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Phone Pics

Here are my favorite pictures from my phone, taken the past couple months.
 Palmer and his "pumpkin pet."  He and I decorated it for a school project.
Archer with a whopper of a mouth sore.  The twins had hand foot and mouth disease this month and it was awful!

 Avonlea and Archer taking a break from dancing on the stage at Gardener Village.

 Face painting at Gardener Village
The whole family at the Grizzlies game, free tickets from the library summer reading program.
 Avonlea cheered happily for the players unless the announcers voice came over the PA, then she would get really nervous and turn to me for comfort... everytime.

 Knuckles from the Grizzlies mascot.
 Palmer's school Reflections entry in the 3D Art category.  The theme was "The World Would be a Better Place if..."  He said if there were more trees, and he loves the colors of autumn trees.
 Palmer wrote "tatoday" on our countdown just before we headed to Bear Lake for the weekend.
 The babies rocking a couple of glasses while Mom and Dad were at the optometrist.
 The twins checking out their reflections in the chrome on the bathtub.
 Avonlea ate half of an Oreo and this happened.
 General Conference activities for the boys.  Palmer took the work very seriously.
 Brody's apostle looked a bit like Jack Skellington.
 The twins expressing some major toddler fashion just before church.  Avonlea took off her dress shoes in exchange for some tie dye crocs, and accented with every piece of jewelry she had.  And Archer thought he needed some jewelry as well.
 Party animal cupcakes for cousin Davis' birthday
 Spending a rainy day getting soaked at the zoo.
 Thanks to Greg's influence, Brody stated, "I just went through a Stargate!"
 I made pasta e fagioli for dinner.  The kids called it "perler bead" soup.

 The twins reeking havoc while I took a shower.
 Family day at Greg's work.
A surprise 40th birthday party for my fabulous friend Ces!
 Cupcakes I made for the occasion.  She has great taste, in food and men.

 They begged for a play date and then proceeded to do individual gaming.  At least they talked to each other about it as they played.
 My girlie girl and me.
Cotton candy beards at Golden Corral.

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Sariah Nichols said...

I loved this post. Your family is so adorable and everything fabulous. <3