Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Five Year Old Photo Shoot

We took Brody's five year old pictures today.  My goodness, he's a good looking kid!  He smiled great for every picture and posed just as the photographer asked every shot. In the one picture where he is making a silly face, the photographer told him to make a face that his mom will love, ha ha! The session went by lickety-split.  The only times we had to stop was when the twins tried jumping into the picture.  Brody was very patient with them though.  During breaks that the photographer was setting things up he gave the twins all his attention, running around with them, spinning in circles with them and pretending he was going to capture them.  He's a stud of a big brother and a stud in general.  We love him so!




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Sariah Nichols said...

He is getting so big. At Bear Lake he kept saying, "Auntie Rie...do I look 5?" lol I need a picture of these! I love the first one and "the everything is awesome" one. (just in case you're taking orders. ;) )