Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Brody's Lego Birthday Party

We threw a Lego themed birthday party for Brody's fifth birthday.  His favorite thing to do is to play with Legos, so the theme couldn't have been more perfect in his eyes.  Brody invited his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and his primary class with this invitation I made.

We decorated with large boxes around the house that were wrapped to look like Legos.  I also made cupcakes with Lego candy on top, Lego candy thank you bags, and Lego face paper plates for the occasion.  My favorite decoration was our giant Lego front door.
We played a few Lego themed games: Lego Bingo, a Lego relay race and Hot Lego (like Hot Potato).
And all the kids made their own mini figure to take home with them.
Brody made his birthday wish thanks to the help of his mini figure, and opened his presents (mostly a lot of Legos).  We gave him the Lego Marvel Superheroes Wii U videogame, which he has loved and has already beaten the whole game.
We ended the night playing with Legos and watching The Lego Movie.  The party was a lot of fun and made for one very happy five year old.

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