Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Phone Pics

Here are my favorite pictures from my phone, taken the past couple months.
 Palmer and his "pumpkin pet."  He and I decorated it for a school project.
Archer with a whopper of a mouth sore.  The twins had hand foot and mouth disease this month and it was awful!

 Avonlea and Archer taking a break from dancing on the stage at Gardener Village.

 Face painting at Gardener Village
The whole family at the Grizzlies game, free tickets from the library summer reading program.
 Avonlea cheered happily for the players unless the announcers voice came over the PA, then she would get really nervous and turn to me for comfort... everytime.

 Knuckles from the Grizzlies mascot.
 Palmer's school Reflections entry in the 3D Art category.  The theme was "The World Would be a Better Place if..."  He said if there were more trees, and he loves the colors of autumn trees.
 Palmer wrote "tatoday" on our countdown just before we headed to Bear Lake for the weekend.
 The babies rocking a couple of glasses while Mom and Dad were at the optometrist.
 The twins checking out their reflections in the chrome on the bathtub.
 Avonlea ate half of an Oreo and this happened.
 General Conference activities for the boys.  Palmer took the work very seriously.
 Brody's apostle looked a bit like Jack Skellington.
 The twins expressing some major toddler fashion just before church.  Avonlea took off her dress shoes in exchange for some tie dye crocs, and accented with every piece of jewelry she had.  And Archer thought he needed some jewelry as well.
 Party animal cupcakes for cousin Davis' birthday
 Spending a rainy day getting soaked at the zoo.
 Thanks to Greg's influence, Brody stated, "I just went through a Stargate!"
 I made pasta e fagioli for dinner.  The kids called it "perler bead" soup.

 The twins reeking havoc while I took a shower.
 Family day at Greg's work.
A surprise 40th birthday party for my fabulous friend Ces!
 Cupcakes I made for the occasion.  She has great taste, in food and men.

 They begged for a play date and then proceeded to do individual gaming.  At least they talked to each other about it as they played.
 My girlie girl and me.
Cotton candy beards at Golden Corral.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Five Year Old Photo Shoot

We took Brody's five year old pictures today.  My goodness, he's a good looking kid!  He smiled great for every picture and posed just as the photographer asked every shot. In the one picture where he is making a silly face, the photographer told him to make a face that his mom will love, ha ha! The session went by lickety-split.  The only times we had to stop was when the twins tried jumping into the picture.  Brody was very patient with them though.  During breaks that the photographer was setting things up he gave the twins all his attention, running around with them, spinning in circles with them and pretending he was going to capture them.  He's a stud of a big brother and a stud in general.  We love him so!




Monday, October 20, 2014

Bear Lake Getaway

We took a little roadtrip over the weekend to Garden City, just next to Bear Lake.  Grandma Nancy now lives there with her new husband Randall.  It was a lovely, quick little getaway.  It was low key, fun and relaxing, just what we all wanted and needed.

On Friday we hit Maddox on the way there for a delicious lunch.  We arrived in late afternoon just in time for Brody to break out with a fever and a rash all over his body, so we rested most of the first day until he started feeling better.

That evening we watched Muppets Most Wanted with popcorn and candy and then stayed up late playing board games.  We gave Nancy and Randall a belated wedding gift, The Game of Things.  It is super fun, great for a big group of people.  I already told Greg I want the game for our family for Christmas.

On Saturday we slept in, ate a big breakfast and played at the house and outside.  In the afternoon we went the Garden City park and played there then took the boardwalk down to the lake and played in the sand for a good hour or so.  The kids loved it.  Playing in the sand a the beach was Brody's only request for the weekend.  We visited Aunt Peggy in Laketown and toured their home.  That evening we ate dinner at a local pizza parlor, made raspberry milkshakes and bathed some very dirty, worn out, but happy kids.

Sunday we said our goodbyes and drove home.

We were able to see a lot of wildlife during the trip.  There is a group of wild turkeys that come to the house regularly.  And there was a very silly moose who came just outside of the kitchen window several times, poking around and eating Randall and Nancy's trees and shrubs.  We all got a good laugh from him!  Moose eating our trees is definitely not a problem Greg and I experience in the city.  How fun to escape all the hustle and bustle and play around in the country every once in a while!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Brody at Five Years Old

Brody turned five on October 6.  He is growing up fast, that's for sure.  He is very tall!  He is a bit taller than Palmer was at that age and much taller than any other kids in his Primary class or preschool class.  He's not as clumsy, and is able to do a lot more physically.  He has also grown a lot mentally, emotionally and socially this year.  His preschool teachers even noticed on the first day of school how much he has changed.  They said he seems much more sure of himself.  There is still no rushing Brody.  He does everything in his own time and considers every word he is going to say before voicing it.  He knows how to spell his name.  He can do simple math, can read a few short words and is learning to write letters.  He can be shy at times when we are out in public, but at home he is a chatterbox.  He likes to talk especially during the twins' nap and when Palmer is at school, and Brody has me all to himself.  He is usually pretty independent with his play, but wants me to be nearby so he can talk to me about what he is doing.  He loves having play dates and playing with friends.  He and Palmer have a lot of the same friends since they are so close in age.

Brody has a great imagination!  And has really gotten into Legos this year.  We refer to him as a "master builder" (reference from The Lego Movie) because he is great at thinking outside of the box when building with his Legos and builds very innovative and original creations.  He still loves anything having to do with Star Wars.  He is also beginning to show a lot of interest in superheroes and their powers and weapons.  I asked Brody a few questions about his current interests and this is what he said.

What is your favorite color?  - blue
What is your favorite food?  - pretzels
Where is your favorite place to go?  - Lagoon
What is your favorite T.V. show?  - Phineas and Ferb
What is your favorite movie?  - Star Wars
What is your favorite book?  - pigeon books by Mo Willems
What is your favorite thing to do?  - play with Legos
Who is your best friend?  - Xander, Hinckley and Owen

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Brody's Lego Birthday Party

We threw a Lego themed birthday party for Brody's fifth birthday.  His favorite thing to do is to play with Legos, so the theme couldn't have been more perfect in his eyes.  Brody invited his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and his primary class with this invitation I made.

We decorated with large boxes around the house that were wrapped to look like Legos.  I also made cupcakes with Lego candy on top, Lego candy thank you bags, and Lego face paper plates for the occasion.  My favorite decoration was our giant Lego front door.
We played a few Lego themed games: Lego Bingo, a Lego relay race and Hot Lego (like Hot Potato).
And all the kids made their own mini figure to take home with them.
Brody made his birthday wish thanks to the help of his mini figure, and opened his presents (mostly a lot of Legos).  We gave him the Lego Marvel Superheroes Wii U videogame, which he has loved and has already beaten the whole game.
We ended the night playing with Legos and watching The Lego Movie.  The party was a lot of fun and made for one very happy five year old.