Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer Activities - Check!

Just after school started we finished off our summer activities list with a nature walk at Jordan River Parkway.  The walking portion made up a very small part of our time at the park, but we had a good time nonetheless.  The kids were much more interested in the play equipment.

We had a great summer!  We kept very busy, as I like to be, and have consequently raised my children to be.  Every couple days we were checking off an activity.  And once that was done we started a countdown until the next activity.  Our family favorites were: Lagoon (of course!), The Museum of Natural Curiosity, The Nickelcade, snowcones, camping and the farmer's market.  Now that we are back to our school schedules, we are doing much less, yet we are all more tired.  How does that work?  I guess when you are busy having fun, life doesn't seem to feel all that busy.

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